Best Creativity Boosters

Creativity is just like a muscle in our bodies that can get numb when used so often. Therefore, to strengthen this muscle it is important to find exercises that work best for you. Many creativity artists, coaches and authors have their ways to boost and access their creativity. So when you feel like your creativity needs a boost try these simple boosters.


Some feel a different vibe when they are soaking. Take a book and a notebook so that you jot down the ideas that come up when you are soaking. Sometimes you don’t have to soak, you can be around any body of water. Being on the beach, in the shower or a park around a lake makes ideas flow and you can find your inspiration there. If you feel like your creativity is becoming nimble. Try soaking or just be around a body of water. It refreshes your mind and ideas start flowing. You never know it works for others, it may as well work for you.

Listen To Music

Music can be your muse if you listen to the kind of music that inspires you. Some ideas from the best creativity coaches came from music. This is because it gets you connected and put you in a creative space. Music can be a great reminder of the world you are trying to create. Some writers say that before they start writing they listen to some music to put them into that thinking mood some even create whilst playing the music. Music creates an atmosphere and has a way of provoking the creative juices in one such that they start doing things. There are different genres to put you in different moods. Just find the one that works for you and work with it.

Free Writing

casino en ligneIt is important to write down what is on your mind every morning you wake up. Just like Justine Musk a novelist and writer. Every morning she writes down whatever it is on her mind. This helps to get whatever it is stuck on your mind out and you become calmer and be in a more creative place. According to some authors, freewriting is a way to unlock your mind as it takes you to the end of your thoughts. You never know you may discover that you can come up with something great from this.

Go Out

We can easily get lost spending so much time at home or on your laptop. That situation is okay but it’s not always conducive in terms of creative thoughts. It is important to go out in the world. Go to the supermarket, go for a jog or just take a walk outside. You can get new ideas whilst you are doing so. Some call it rebooting the brain so it can make new connections and new ideas. This is not something that you can find whilst sitting on the couch the whole day or staring at your computer. Going out refresh and reboot your mind can be helpful.