How To Cultivate Children’s Creativity

A parent must cultivate their child’s creativity. This goes beyond just providing them with paper, pen, or colours. Parents need to see the world creatively to set up innovative thinking in the kids. Many may think they are not creative therefore they can’t help their kids. Truth is we are all creative in one way or the other. whenever your child asks you to tell them a story, or to draw an animal for them don’t tell them you are not creative rather do it let them see you do it so they know that they can also do it. It is important to encourage creativity both in yourself and in your children. Below are some ways to cultivate creativity in your children while playing jeux casino en ligne.

Creative Expeditions

It is important to go on a creative expedition together with your kids. It doesn’t have anything too big or complicated.  You can make it a point that for a week you go on an adventure with your kids. It can be to a zoo, library or shopping mall. They may be young but best believe they will be taking it all in learning one or two and you will be evoking their creativity in a way. If you have more than 1 kid, ask them which adventure to do each week. Give each of them a chance to choose what they want to do an do so together with the others.

Let The Kids Be Your Teacher

Another great way to cultivate creativity in your ids is to let them be a teacher. As parents we teach our kids so many things. However, in a bid to cultivate creativity in them let them be a teacher to you. Pick a topic that you know they are good at or better still ask them for a topic they want to talk about. Give them a platform to teach you about this topic. By doing this you are giving them a chance to think deeply and have an understanding of a certain thing.

Its Okay To Be Imperfect

You are your kid’s role model and so they look up to you for a loth of things. Be able to create freely without worrying about perfection and making mistakes. This way your kid will learn to do the same. They will learn to do things with an understanding that it is ok to make mistakes and you can learn from them just like casino en ligne. With this in their minds they can start working on something, make mistakes along the way, learn from them, and keep trying.

Story Telling

Another good way to cultivate your kid’s creativity is to play with storytelling. What you need to do is to sit down or just before bed create some time for storytelling.  Tell your kid a story, if you are not sure of what to talk about ask them for a topic they would want you to talk about. Be sure to tell them the story and when you are done ask them to weave a tale of their own and tell it to you. Sit down listen to them, show them that you are there with them, and gives them a chance to get into their imagination, think deep, and learn to create.