Few Minutes Activities That Jump-Start Your Creativity

Sometimes it feels like ideas just pop into our heads, but it is not so as it doesn’t happen without preparation. Creativity is a practice that can be very magical. However, it needs to be trained otherwise it may be difficult to have those creative juices flowing. Below are some fun few minutes activities that can help you jump-start your creativity and inspire your imagination to do great.

Photo Safari

Take your camera or your smartphone and take yourself on a 10-minute walk around your hood. Take pictures of all the colourful and interesting things you see around. Be it on buildings like casino france, on the ground or even on people take pictures of those little details. It helps you to focus your attention on new things and ideas and you get to see ordinary things in a new light.

Do House Chores

Doing some house chores may sound hectic but it also helps you in jump-starting the creativity side of you. It doesn’t have to be something tiring, but something quiet and something that doesn’t take too much thought. It can be sweeping, folding laundry or something of that sort.it may seem to not make sense but try it out and see how it works out for you. You can also try out cooking some new recipe or bake something different and something out of your comfort zone. It helps in getting your creative juices going. These are some little things that make you go deeper into your imagination and you may come out with something extraordinary.


Art comes from the subconscious which is the reason why you should try out daydreaming. Just take some time to stare out the window and let your mind wander.  This puts your mind in a more relaxed state and you start digging deep into your imagination. You may come up with some interesting ideas on your head that will yield amazing results. Try out daydreaming, give your mind a chance to wander and t imagine things that may jump-start your creativity.


Best believe a lot comes from socializing. You don’t have to have a conversation about art or creativity. It can just be a normal conversation about anything and everything. It is in those random conversations and small talks that you can pick up a new idea that can grow into something big. Don’t be a loner, go put there talk to people, socialize. It may be a way to a new idea that sparks your creativity side.


Just like kids, creativity is something that is in them. Kids unleash the creative side to them through many things drawing, painting and more. To jump-start, your creativity, try out an activity that you used to love as a kid. It helps a lot and it reminds of what you can do when your mind is free and happy. Those small activities you used to do in kindergarten can help you realize your creativity side and you may start being creative again.