How To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Being creative is a natural part of our everyday life. Even from childhood kids draw, finger paint and craft in kindergarten. They move to playing with toys, dressing up and all. Kids are given a chance and permission to be imaginative and to express themselves. Creativity is a part of a healthy childhood. However, as kids grow older, they get to be encouraged to read and study more. As they become adults’ responsibilities pile like working to pay the bills and to provide for families. The creativity side is neglected and a part of us suffer. If you are at a point where you feel like your creativity has been blocked and you want to boost it then this article is just for you. Read on to find easy to get your creative juices flowing again just like you did in kindergarten.

Move Your Body

Kids in kindergarten get to go outside from time to time for a recess. They play and do different activities. This means that a recess is needed to help them rejuvenate and get back into their creative mood again. If you feel like your creative side is being blocked get up and move your body just like you did in kindergarten.  Jump on a swing, play your favourite song and dance, go out exercise and do other things. This will help your creative juices to start flowing again.

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Have Fun

Don’t take your art projects too seriously as it will end up making creativity look like a big job. You will end up not enjoying it much. That is why you need to just play and have fun whilst doing it. Take it as an opportunity to explore and express your deepest passions, emotions and beliefs. Play, create and motivate yourself in the process just like you did in kindergarten.  Take the creative process light and you will start enjoying it again.

Don’t Overthink

Overthinking a creative problem ends up suffocating you and closing up your creative juices. Simplicity is amazing and sophisticated. Allow yourself to work with less effort, don’t work with calculated strategies. Rather just make sure you operate from your gut. Trust your intuition and see where it will lead you. Don’t overthink or over analyse when it comes to being creative.

Take Power Naps

Just like kids, they Have their time to sleep and rest their minds. It is just as important even when you become an adult. Resting your brain even for a few minutes helps you reduce pressure whilst at the same time boosting your creativity. Do that even as an adult. When you start feeling overwhelmed, take a power nap from 6-30 minutes. Allow your brain to rest and your creative juices to flow.

Don’t Be Scared To Get Dirty

You may think that now that you are an adult, you are too old to get messy. But well life is not always neat. Don’t be scared and don’t hesitate to get dirty. Just like you did when you were kid, splashing paint all over and things like that. Let your ideas be messy at first its okay. Eventually, it will take shape and you will create something great out of it. Remember you can always tidy up the place and it can become neat again so why worry about getting messy?